More than twenty years of war have heavily marked the fate of northern Uganda.
The AIDS pandemic involving the entire country has also contributed to a rapid growth of orphans. The number of orphans makes so hard for all the communities to take care of all these children. The orphanages in the district of Gulu (and in the Northern Uganda) are well above their capacity limits. In addition, having a long history of loneliness behind, all the children have difficulties in context such as that of Family Homes and any
relatives often have both economic and practical difficulties that impede to properly take care of them.
The “Children Headed” are children part of family units without any responsible adults. Many are orphans, others live with parents suffering from serious physical or mental diseases that prevent them from taking care of their children. The “Children Headed” families currently registered with the ONG Comboni Samaritans of Gulu are 154, for a total of 348 minors.

Good Samaritan supports the “Children Headed” project, to ensure children a stable situation from a practical, health, economic and educational points of view.
Good Samaritan is committed to guarantee:
– the access to education;
– the support for medical expenses;
– the access to a healthy and regular nutrition;
– the supply of no-food items, primary goods such as soap, clothes, blankets;
– the defense of the rights on the house in which they live and any maintenance or any possible repairs to be performed;
– the psychological support, through a constant counseling service that makes them feel helped and understood.

You can support the “Children Headed” project with a free donation, which will help us to ensure that all these children will have everything they need.