Good Samaritan Onlus was born in Italy in 1999, thanks to Sr Dorina Tadiello, Combonian Sister and doctor, who lived for many years in Gulu,
The association has always worked in North Uganda.

Initially their focus was to provide to basically needs of vulnerable children during the civil war.

Today the principal focus has been empowering youth and vulnerable people with education support, technical trainings, women empowerment, microcredit and farming projects and a new, social business: a guest house with a restaurant.

Why we are working in Uganda?

An high percentage of the population Acholi (majority ethnic group in the District of Gulu) is made up of young people and over 50% of them are not yet 18 years old.
These are people who have lived since birth in a situation of conflict and in extremely precarious living conditions.

During this time, almost 2 million of people were forced leave their villages to go in the IDP camps.

After 2007, people have gradually returned to their villages.
But the implications of the conflict and displacement was a general loss in agricultural skills, as well equipment and inputs.
A whole generation returned in his community without any farming skills and during their absence
they have lost their plots of land.

Good Samaritans needs support youth and vulnerable people for the reconstruction of their communities.

During the war, more than 25,000 children have been kidnapped by rebels.