The access to capital is an important and often difficult factor for the most vulnerable and poor individuals that would like to improve their livelihoods through new business.
In particular, the high interest rate applied to loans and the level of requirements needed to obtain the loans, make access to capital still a strong obstacle to individuals economic development, especially in case of very poor and/or vulnerable segment of population. 

In the last year, Good Samaritan intervention kept its core focus on the crucial sector of economic empowerment, especially on youth and vulnerable people (HIV and AIDS positive, victims of war, marginalized people), in order to facilitate the access to capital and support to to Income Generating Activities, because of a Microcredit project tailored on on specific individuals and groups needs.

Microcredit project was born in 2008, thanks to the partnership  “Fondazioni4Africa”.
Actually the project beneficiaries are about 500, both at individual and group level.
Microcredit project has consolidated the economic empowerment of youth and vulnerable individuals, through the starting up and strengthening if income generating activities, with and integrated holistic and psychological support.